About Resource

Welcome to Resource Security and Training Australia (RSTA)

Suppliers of High-Quality Security Services

Resource was developed in 2012 due to requirements and demands throughout Queensland. RSTA is a privately owned and operated fully accredited, licensed and insured Australian Security Organisation. RSTA is one of the leading physical security providers, based in Brisbane providing affordable security strategies to our clientele and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

RSTA capabilities have been developed from their management team with an impressive history spanning over forty years of Security, Risk Management and Training. Our specialist planning, operating methods and techniques assess any potential threats that you and your organisation may be facing.

RSTA is taking the key role in enhancing the provision of security services and effective deterrence in protecting your business and property. RSTA encompasses a large team of professionals with a strong security network and supported through local offices and management representatives. We have the experience in all aspects of security: assisting, securing and eradicating liability issues for a wide portfolio of clients in: commercial, industrial, construction, mining, retail, private and government businesses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At RSTA we understand our clients security needs and safety visions. We work hand-in-hand with our clients forming lasting relationships and strive for unprecedented service. We have the corporate structure, financial and administrative support to consistently deliver our service. When delivering our services we provide robust authentication, privacy and a code of conduct that fosters and maintains public trust and professionalism of our clients. We are conscientious, innovative and assertive in our attempts to maintain the goals we have defined. Unlike other security companies we continually seek further knowledge and always challenge ourselves.

Our key practices include employment of certified security and first aid officers combined with the momentum, standards and resolve that is different to our competitors. Further to this our staff receive regular training on changes to security standards / law. We are blessed with a very diverse ever expanding team priding ourselves on being attentive to our clients needs and viewing every security job as unique.